by Yung Druid

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released May 6, 2019


all rights reserved



Yung Druid London, UK

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Track Name: Take Me To Your Dealer
What’s that in the sky?
It just burned through the air!
It came down in the distance,
It descended in silence.

Now there’s a light in the woods -
An ethereal fire.
And a strange feeling of longing, baby,
Guides us to the site.

It’s happening again -
A strange lapse in my memory -
The last thing I remember, baby,
Is walking into the night.

Solo: Jack
Solo: Chris
Track Name: Sleepy Eyes (Sonic THC)
Sleepy Eyes,
I saw you walk your way into my mind,
I saw you stumble through this shallow world,
And I’m the one who cries

Sleepy Eyes,
I called you over to my empty house,
The one you slipped inside and spoke about
The hope inside of me

And I screamed you shouldn’t be here,
But I whispered not to go.
Look around you at the waking world.

It’s been a while
Since I shook you out my shadow, man,
But things are different now, please understand
That the faded lamp still glows.

And I couldn’t recognise you now,
And I shouldn’t want to know.
Just try looking in the mirror, man.

Come, right now,
Someone’s calling from the road.
Come, suffer through the days,
Sirens singing; oh so brutal.
I’m fading
To the corners every time.
Flung downtown
For a minute; back on top.
Track Name: Underneath The Aching Sky
Underneath the aching sky
Where the leaves lie,
I fell into a daydream
Where you lay down.

At the river’s edge
Your eyes were reflections.
A dark moon rose across your face,
Arcing back into the sky.

Underneath the aching sky
Where the forest is,
There’s a plot of land that’s harvested
And it takes our pain away.

If there’s any pain at all -
There isn’t all the time, dear -
Because I fall into a daydream
Peaceful when we lay down.

Solo: Chris
Track Name: Lung
Long creamy white sighs -
What do you do in your silences?
You never say what’s on your mind,
Darling, don’t you ever decide?

Solo: Chris

Lung; creamy white sigher -
Why do you whisper up and quiver?
You breathe the air and blow my mind.
You shallow breathe in when I’m high.
Track Name: Went Into A Wooden Room
I went into a wooden room -
Only to the edge of it,
I saw the centre, wanted to
Wave the winter wasp away -
Always on the edge of cinder,
Counting every single day.

I walked into the afternoon -
From behind two sleepy eyes
I saw the sunlight shining through,
And hastily I turned away
From all of the things I was going to do
With the rest of my day.

Solo : Jack
Solo: Chris
Track Name: Morning Come
Even now I mind the sirens
Through the sounding of the sea,
The other day I saw your strange eyes
Blue like butterflies for me.

Morning comes I wash the weapon,
Children bathed in little streams,
Savouring the taste of lightness,
Lifting cups at the great feast.

Even though I’ve sung the sad ones
To the sounding of the sea,
The other day I saw a strange sight
Climbing naked from the steam.

Morning rise and perfect timing,
Sugar dumped into the tea,
Before we drank the needle came down
On the carpet on your knees.

Your daddy’s home - don’t you know?

Solo: Chris

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